Guest Post: Why we love traditional toys

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with Becky from The Mummy Adventure while having my hair done for The MAD Blog Awards. I’m delighted to introduce her as this months guest blogger, talking about why she loves traditional wooden toys for her son. We sent them some of our Wonderworld Toys to try out too, which seem to have been a hit!


For Dylan’s first birthday, we wanted to get him a present to remember.  Something that would last, would grow with him and would encourage him to play and learn.  Not asking for much really! but we knew there would be something out there.

So many of his toys make noises, light up, sing and dance, it was lovely to find something that would focus on his imagination.  We found a gorgeous wooden walker- the type that is brightly painted and filled with coloured bricks, covered in letters and numbers.  It was an instant hit and two months on is his most reached for toy.  He loves making towers and knocking them down, pushing it around and placing the blocks in every corner of the room.  As the toy makes no fancy noises, he makes his own, singing in his adorable little way or muttering the words he does know, saying ‘duck’ with every yellow block he touches.

With daddy he races around, with mummy we build towers and arches.  We spell words and say our numbers.  On his own he picks up the blocks and drops them back in over the handle.  He puts his teddies in the empty trolley and piles in his books.  For a toy that requires no batteries, it has a lot of functions!

We have realised that wooden toys entertain him for far longer than their electronic counterparts.  A simple abacus will give me time to make lunch and have a cup of tea in piece! A wooden puzzle lasts a lot longer than Peppa Pig as entertainment and a wooden shape sorter can cope with a clumsy 13 month old attacking it with circles and hexagons without showing any signs of wear.  For a child born in 2011, he seems more interested in the traditional wooden toys than anything plastic or noisy!

With another baby due early next year, I am looking forward to seeing him or her playing with the same walker.  It seems so robust, so sturdy and so timeless.  We don’t need to worry about batteries and we don’t need to worry about whether it has the current favourite TV characters plastered down the side.  I am hoping it is one of the toys we can keep for our grandchildren, just as my mum and dad still have the wooden walker I learned with as a child for when Dylan visits.

I love encouraging his little imagination and wish I could see what was going through his head as he makes up his only little games, telling the stuffed penguin nearby all about it as he does.  Traditional wooden toys are certainly a hit in this house, and we are already picking some wooden cars out ready for Christmas – can’t go wrong really!

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