Half Term fun with Miniland

The half term is fast approaching! Miniland aim to develop appropriate specialty toys apt for parent/child use at home. Therefore addressing the growing demand for transferring games and learning from school to the home and vice versa! Check out some of our recommendations to get your kid’s brain juices flowing this half term!

The Activity Timer

Activity Timer

Best seller Activity Timer is a great way to start learning to tell the time! Containing a clock and 24 activity cards which relate the time to daily activities. Offering children 3-6 years a fun way to learn!


The Electrokit


Miniland Educational’s bestselling Electrokit has a fantastic 198 experiments for children to test out! It provides hours of fun while children are able to learn the skills and concepts of electricity and electronics, which are a necessity in today’s environment. All parts are designed for quick and easy assembly with components connected together with press-studs. Includes battery compartments, engines, loudspeakers, propellers, switches, light bulb holders with light bulbs and magnets. Furthmore the kit comes with a book; ‘The 3 brilliant professors’ which incites the child to play!



Miniland Emotiblocks is an entertaining game to help inquisitive children become familiar with their emotions. Using characters with interchangeable pieces, this enables them to create likeable characters. They can build over 100 possible combinations! The game also includes activity cards where children will be given them one by one and encouraged to describe what they see on them and build a similar character. They will have lots of fun talking about the features of each-type of hair, skin color, and gestures-and knowing how to differentiate between them. The large pieces are easy for small hands to grasp!

Every Miniland product contains a special code which can be used online at Miniland Play’s website. This code unlocks fantastic games and learning material to allow the fun to be taken online! Don’t forget to follow Miniland Educational on Facebook!

Written by: Emma Damerell

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