Breyer Model Horses Review: A Champion is Born


A Champion is Born is part of the Breyer Classics range. Read a review of the set below:

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“My daughter is 7 years old and has really enjoyed this toy. It’s easy, fun and has a lot of entertainment value. She was extremely excited when opening this toy, although it did take a while to get everything out of the box. The toys themselves are of good quality and feel robust which is good with little hands, as they can get carried away with heavy hands. Was pleasantly surprised how my daughter engaged with this toy and how many hours she has managed to play with it and its accessories – even after a few days she goes back to the game and continues…

Unsure on the price for this toy but I’m very pleased with what products you get with it. You can also use the background to put with the set and make more fun. I would say that this is good value for money, with it being well-built and robust. Also these can be put in water, especially at bath time so it can be used in and out of water. The products are hardwearing for outside use, also so you’re not worried about them breaking easily which is a big bonus. Generally a lovely product with many uses.

The Breyer products are very realistic, beautiful and fun to collect. With so many breeds and colours to choose from and collect, these products are then easy for any child to create a stable of their very own. With the other Breyer activity sets that help encourage and engage imaginations of so many children and adults alike. The standard is high within this brand and the products reflect this to a very high standard. I’m very pleased with this brand in both its models and activities that it offers for all ages and abilities.”

Written by Steph Yeomanson.

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Written by: Farel Williams

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